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For this we have produced a flyer for you. Come by or send us an e-mail and we will gladly send you a flyer.

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Enjoy spring – without pollen and insects!

Do you suffer from a pollen allergy or annoying insects in your living rooms? We can offer you extensive and tailor-made solutions for insect protection and especially for allergy sufferers a pollen protection with anti-pollen fabric, which intercepts over 90% of the pollen.
We will be happy to show you the many possibilities and advise you individually on your needs.


Beautiful wooden blinds!

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The new cork floor is there. It’s hard to believe but it’s a cork floor.

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Your Heinrich team started the new year with fresh motivation and was allowed to lay this beautiful parquet.

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Christmas time for relaxation and recreation. We also use these days to gather strength and are there for you again in all freshness in the new year. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In urgent cases we are there for you by mail. Thank you very much for your understanding.

From 25.12.2017- 08.01.2018 we closed our showroom.

As you can see, we were allowed to lay a very beautiful vinyl floor covering.

Many thanks to our customers for the great order.


Create and inspire uniqueness!

“Textiles from people with passion and a clear eye for detail. For people who appreciate beauty and quality”.

Kendix, Experience Material, Colour, Room & Light

The experience of materiality, colour, surface distribution and play of light are the historical aspects that determine modern living comfort.

The Kendix collection is aimed at private individuals who want to add an exclusive element to their interior design. Kendix curtains also hang in hotels, cultural centres, government buildings and offices, in short in prestigious interiors all over the world.



The beauty of nature and the focus on the details to be discovered were the source of inspiration for the new trend collection for honeycomb pleated blinds.

The four large-format designs Sphere, Delion, Sakura and Breeze combine natural shapes, soft colours and strong highlights. Sometimes delicate, sometimes detailed, expressive or natural, they each tell their own story and bring a piece of nature into your rooms.


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